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Unit 2: Choice 1: Jude: "Keep Yourselves in the Love of God"

1. Read Jude 1:1-3 How can you multiply mercy, peace, and love? How can you appropriately "contend for the faith"?
You can multiply mercy, peace, and love through obedience to God's commandments and acceptance of the Lord's atonement. If we are disciples of Christ, standing true in all things, this is an appropriate contending for the faith and will also multiply mercy, peace, and love.

2. Read Jude 1:4-19
~ The doctrine referred to in the wording "first estate" of Jude 1:6, is that of our fore-ordination. We all are "pre-destined" for different things. We know this, because we know that we lived with Heavenly Father before coming to earth. We are well on our journey as we are here on the earth. We have plans and things that we need to accomplish on this earth for ourselves and for the Salvation of others.
~Jude 1:9 Michael and Satan dispute. This is an interesting situation and verse in which we feel that they are disputing over the burial of Moses. The words of Michael are most likely from verses of "scripture" or books that were well known in that day and therefore, are odd for us, as we do not really know of these writings. Translation could be incorrect as well. We believe the 8th Article of Faith. We believe our scriptures to be correct as far as they are translated correctly.
~Jude 1:14 Who will Accompany Christ at the Second Coming? 10 Thousand of his Saints. This really makes you imagine all those who are righteous and past on, they will be angels rejoicing, and around, presenting the Lord to the world.

3. How can we avoid the evils that come from false teachers?  Jude 1:17, 20-25
       One of the most important things we can do to avoid the evils of false teachings is to stay close to the true doctrines that we have. Reading, studying and becoming familiar with Christ's teachings will be a protection to us as we try to fight off false teachings. If we know the truth well, we will be stronger to defend ourselves. The true way to avoid the evils of this world is the simple things that are stressed to us so often. We must pray, repent, serve others, speak of Christ, and rejoice in Christ.

Unit 1: Choice 2: 2 Peter 2. Teaching

2 Peter 2:1-19
1. Characteristics of False teachers described by Peter:
~Damnable heresies: such as denying the Lord. (deny true teachings)
~Unlawful deed doers
~speak evil of things they do not understand
~speak words of vanity
How does this list help you recognize false teachers today?
All of these things the Savior speak against. They are all sinful and don't seem like things that a follower of Christ would be partakers of. All of these things give me a bad feeling, so if I am losing the Spirit through a "teacher" than it is most likely a false teacher. There is one thing that all items on the list have in common: they are selfish. righteous, true teachers are more selfless, as they pattern their lives and teachings after the Savior, Jesus Christ.

2.   2 Peter 2:20-22 and Doctrine and Covenants 82: 3,7
The dangers of returning to "The Pollutions of the World":
If we know the truth and then turn from it, we are more responsible and are more accountable for our sins than those that sin 'unknowingly'. It goes along with most knowledge we receive throughout our lives. When we are very young children and we do something wrong, our parents correct us, teach us why it is wrong, etc. Then when we do it again, there may be harsher punishment, because this time we were aware of the wrong.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Unit 2 Choice 4: The Trial of Our Faith is More Precious than Gold

1 Peter 1:1-9, 2:12,  2:15, 2:20-25, 3:11-16, 4:12-19
"Life isn't Fair. Why do I have to have so many trials? I'm tired of being ridiculed by those who do not keep the commandments."
What is your reply using the Principles from the above verses?
           "Have you thought of the beautiful atonement of Jesus Christ and that he lives? Christ went through the valley of the shadow of death and for us to return to our Heavenly Father. He wants us to reach that, to partake of the many wonders and blessings that await us if we just endure our trials. I know that it is difficult when you are fighting a hard, uphill battle and others are constantly flaunting their ways of the world. 
           Those of us that keep the commandments seem to have more trials and harder trials. I think that is probably true. Our Father wants us to be strong. I heard a quote recently that said "If I gave you anything easier, you could do it on your own." We are being taught to rely on the Lord. Isn't it awesome that we are supposed to use the support of Christ? I love that. I think we need to look to our Savior in all of our trials. He was a master teacher in so many ways. He taught through his great example that we need not fight back with our words or in anyway. We need to smile, because everyone is fighting a hard battle.
           One thing that helps me when I am going through a hard time is to do as President Hinckley's father told him on his mission, "Forget yourself and go to work". It is when we are lost in the work of the Lord that we truly find ourselves and the answers and peace that we seek. In 1 Peter chapter 3, verse 15 it tells us that we should always be prepared to share with someone if they ask us the reason for our Hope, these people who mock your righteous doing and when you speak of Christ. So to those that ridicule you for keeping the commandments and pressing on, do not shy away. Build an answer as you study and pray that will help you testify of Christ. It could be something like, ' I have a Savior who loves me and through his guidance I am choosing higher ground in all places that I walk.' That alone testifies of Christ and of truth, but leaves them to ponder."

Unit 1 Choice 1: Hebrews 8-10 The Atonement is Greater than All of the Sacrifices of the Old Testament

1. Hebrews 8:1-3,  9:22-28, 10:1-4,  10:10-17, Alma 34:10,  Alma 34:13-14
How did the Atonement of Jesus Christ fulfill the Law of Moses?
~What was the purpose of the Law of Moses?
~What does the Atonement of Jesus Christ do for us?
Christ wanted to make a sacrifice to end all sacrifice. There needed to be a sacrifice that would take away the sins of the world so that God's children could return to live with him again. This could not be done by the blood sacrifice of sheep or bulls. Christ's sacrifice is eternal and covers the sins of all men. The purpose of the law of Moses was to await the great, last, eternal Sacrifice of the Savior. 

2.   Hebrews 9:11-18, Institute Manual Hebrews 9:1-10, 9:11-15, 23-28,  How are the Labors of the High Priests in the temple like unto what the Savior did for us in the Garden of Gethsemane? The high priests did a ceremonial act with two goats. Killing one and letting the other go free. "This ceremony signified the sending away of the sins of the people”. They did this in act of "taking all of the people's sins". The acts of the high priests were foreshadowing's of the Atonement of Christ. The atonement came after these high priest offerings and thus, Christ was our "High Priest" and not only our High Priest, but he was also the offering. He went willingly into Sacrifice. 

3. Why is the title "High Priest of good things to come" an appropriate title for the Savior? 
His was the ultimate sacrifice. Once Christ atoned for our sins, standing as our High Priest, taking upon him all of the pain of the world, if we take that upon us and give our sins to him (he has already paid for them), then we can have complete joy. Through Christ there is only light and joy through  obedience and repentance so that we may return to our Father in Heaven. Just like in this Christmas season we say, "He who brings Good tidings of Great joy". Our Savior is the bearer of all things good and joyful. There is light in Christ and through Him, all mankind may be saved.  

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Unit 2, Choice 6: Hebrews 3-4 Entering into the Lord's Rest

Hebrews 3:8-4:16,  Institute manual commentary Hebrews 3:11 "What does it mean to enter into the "rest" of the Lord?" (pg. 383)

What group of people were refused entrance into the Lord's rest?
Those who did not believe in Christ. 
What sins caused them to forefeit this privilege?
They did not believe, they denied Christ. 
How does Doctrine and Covenants 84: 23-24 help define what is the Lord's rest?
It seems through this scripture that the Lord's rest is more of an inner peace, being in the Presence of God. If we cannot face him, then we cannot enter into his rest. If we are not worthy and prepared for his presence, we cannot obtain that rest. 
What sins did Paul repeatedly warn against so as not to incur the same punishment?
He warned against unbelief and sin, against having a hard heart to the things of the Lord. He warns of procrastination. We need to act in faith and repent now. 
How do you think the warnings in Hebrews 3:12-15 apply to us?
We need to remember that our Father in Heaven and Christ know the intents of our Hearts and we cannot hide anything from them. It also talks about how Christ also had temptations and could have sinned, but did not. We need to follow Christ. 
List the counsel found in Hebrews 4 that will help a person enter into the rest of the Lord.
We need to have faith (action) with our knowledge of the gospel. 
Honor the Sabbath day and rest from your labors, as did Christ. 
Work hard. 

How do Matthew 7: 21-23, John 7:17, James 1:22 help in understanding how the word needs to be "mixed with faith"? (Hebrews 4:2-3).  We need to act in faith, act through the Lord. It is more than going through the motions, but having a deeper understanding and connection to the Savior. If we know the will of the Lord, then we are aligning our will with his. Act through Christ, do what he wants you to do. If we only listen and lean unto our own understanding of what the Lord wants, then we are not being instruments in his hands. 

Unit 1 Choice 1: Philippians 1-4 Find Solutions in the scriptures to Life's Challenges

1. People sometimes argue and complain over petty matters in church meetings or throughout the week. (See Philippians 2:1-8; 14-15)
These verses teach us that if we have charity and act in charity then we will be able to better communicate with those around us. We need to be less concerned with ourselves and learn to love and serve those around us. When we want to complain, we should hold back those words and we will get through the "storm" and all will be better off for the way we conduct ourselves through hard times or disagreements. 

2. Many youth feel that their parents' testimony is sufficient for them. Since they have good parents, they rely on them for all of their spiritual strength. (See Philippians 2:12-15 and Institute manual commentary Philippians 2:12 "Work out Your Own Salvation with Fear and Trembling"[pp. 361-62].  We need to be sturdy on our own, through our Faith in Christ. We cannot be a light to those around us if we do not contain the light. Having not our own testimony, we will not be able to help and guide anyone unto Christ. I really like how in the institute manual Elder Oaks reminds us that it is not enough for us to simply obey the commandments, but we need to teach truth to others. 

3. An investigator is considering joining the Church, but his family will no longer associate with him if he does. (See Philippians 3:7-16; 4:13)
 If we will sacrifice all, we will know Christ. How much stronger will our testimonies be if we can do that, as we will have a more full understanding of Christ and his atoning sacrifice. "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" Sharing these scriptures with someone who is going through something like this would probably be very helpful to them as they contemplate how they will continue on the path of righteousness. 

4. How is this assignment an example of the principles taught in 2 Nephi 32:3?  When we have a question, there is always an answer in the scriptures. Heavenly Father does speak to us and has given us keys of understanding through the scriptures and modern day prophets as well. If we seek, we shall find. 

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Unit 2, Choice 1: Romans 12-16, Live as Saints should Live

1. Romans 13:11 what is "nearer"?  Ezekiel 3:20, Doctrine and Covenants 14:7 What must we continue doing to work out or Salvation?
Our Salvation is "nearer" than we thought. 
We must continue in righteousness to work out or Salvation, we cannot turn from our righteousness. If we keep the commandments of the Lord and endure to the end, we will have eternal life. 

2. Romans 12-13  What did Paul teach that would lead to Salvation?
12:1-- your body as a living sacrifice--to give service
12:2--renew your mind, to testify of God, what is good. 
12:9--love always, fend off evil, follow what is good. 
12:13--hospitality, help others
12:16--treat all equal
12:21--do so much good, it hides the evil of the world. 
13:1--honor the power of God. 
13:3--Do good continually
13:8--stay out of debt, love everyone
13:9--Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, that is all encompassing of all of the commandments that should be obeyed. 

3. Romans 14:1-13; 15:1-3
What cautions did Paul give about Judging?
He stated that "God hath received him", so it is His position to take care of judgement. We all have sins and are different in our own. Imperfect man are not equipped to judge another. We will all be judged by God and if we judge another, we will be responsible for that judgement. 
People may have different opinions and practices, but what is most important to remember?
We need to remember that we are all siblings in the Lord and we are all striving to return to him. If we remember this, we will be more ready to serve and love those around us, lift them up so that we may have them as we return to our Father. 
What additional insights from Doctrine and Covenants 38:25-27?
We need to be equal in love to everyone and treat them in the best Spirit. We do not have the right to judge anyone and if we do, we are really not part of Heavenly Father's kingdom and family. "If ye are not one, ye are not mine". 

4. What is the term Paul frequently used to refer to members of the church in his day?
He referred to the members of the Church/followers of Christ as "Saints". We use this term today and I think that it has deep meaning in who we are supposed to be and how we should act. Saints are people who are always acting for others, doing things that take from themselves and give to others. 

Unit 1, choice 3: Romans 6, Baptism

Romans 6:1-13

1. What must be done with sin before baptism can occur?
The sin has to be stopped, terminated. We need to act no more in our sins. 
What events from Christ's life are symbolized in baptism?
The burial of Christ is symbolized in baptism, as we are submerged, as if being buried underground and coming back, a renewed Spirit. So that is the Resurrection of Christ, lifted from death. 
Considering this symbolism, why couldn't someone be baptized by sprinkling?
We wouldn't have the deeper meaning and symbolism of baptism of we were simply sprinkled. Christ was even baptized, as an example to us. Without complete immersion, you don't have the "death" or the "rebirth/resurrection". 
What do these verses teach us about how we can maintain the "newness of life"?
It teaches us that if we continue to model our lives after Christ, and follow in his footsteps, we won't feed our sinful side. If we remember that if we are sinning then it is like having half baptism, we don't get to enjoy the greatness of emerging from the death and rising. 
According to Mosiah 3:19, what part of us would ideally die at baptism?
Our Natural Man should die as we come unto Christ and try to make correct choices. We become more humble, and get rid of our selfishness/natural man who is enemy to God. 

2.   Romans 6:13-23 How do we know who's servant we are? What is the true source of freedom?

Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ gave us a way to be rid of our sins and to lead a life of righteousness. We can choose whose servants we will be. If we serve our Natural Man, we will be servants of the devil, but if we focus and serve our Lord, then we can stand as witnesses of him. 
The true source of freedom is righteousness. Through Christ, all are made free. Sin binds us down in misery. 

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Unit 2, Choice 2 2 Corinthians 2:1-11

2 Corinthians 2:1-11     Matthew 6:14-15     Doctrine and Covenants 64:9-10

What were the people of Corinth commanded to do "if any have caused grief"?
Commanded to forgive and to comfort. They were commanded to tell the person they love them. I think this is through word and/or action. 

What blessings do we see if we forgive?  We are forgiven also, of God. 

What is the danger in failing to forgive?

If we do not forgive our fellow beings of their trespasses, we will hold the greater sin of not forgiving. Will be condemned before the Lord. It is required of us to forgive everyone, because we are not judges; that is the Lord's job. If we aren't forgiving, the Lord won't be able to forgive our wrong doings. 

Last Sunday, forgiveness was the topic of the lesson in my Primary class. I have been thinking about it a lot and how we so often get angry with people and how we need to stop and show more love. We discussed in Primary how Christ, during the worst time ever, hanging on the Cross, after being beaten, he Asked that those who did this to him be forgiven. It is so amazing. I just want to think of that every time I am angry with someone. I am pretty sure no one will ever do anything that horrible to me. I want to be able to show love to everyone, because we are all fighting a hard battle. 

Unit 1, Choice 1 1 Corinthians 4:2, 9-17; 8: 9-13

What is required of the servants of the Lord?
It is required that the servants of the Lord be Faithful. 

The group specifically selected to be examples in 1 Corinthians 4:9-17?
The apostles of the Lord have been specifically selected to be examples of Christ and of his teachings. 

Why is it not enough to simply know what is right? (Alma 39:11-12)
If we know what is right, but do things that are not inline with the teachings of the Lord, then others will see our example and not gain a testimony of the truths. We have to DO what is right so that others may come unto Christ. We must put off the natural man, who is an enemy to God. 

What additional powers come to those who live what they know? (3 Nephi 8:1)
If we live what we know and bless others, our sins will be forgiven us, "cleansed every whit from his iniquity".  The more good we do, the more good we want to do and the better we become. We become more valiant servants of the Lord. 

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Beautiful talk. So much there.

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Unit 2, Choice 4 Acts 19-20

Unit 2 Choice 4:
Proper Authority and Ministering to the People

Priesthood Ordinances Paul performed:
1. Baptism by immersion. 
2. Giving the Gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands. 
3. Priesthood blessings. 
4. Administering of the Sacrament
5. Healing. 

1. What did Paul do for the Corinthian Saints because it hadn't been done right?
They had repented, but did not know that there was a needed ordinance. He baptized them with proper authority and immersed them in water. 
2. How does this help answer the question of many nonmembers of needing to be baptized when they have already been baptized?
They understand where the authority comes from. The authority comes down straight from God. They recognize the example that the Savior set as he was baptized, though a perfect Man. 
3. In what way did Paul bestow the gift of the Holy Ghost?
he laid his hands upon their heads. 
4. On What day of the week did the Saints meet to break bread? What evidence is there in John 20:1, 19 for why the Sabbath day was changed?
They met the first day of the week to break bread. 
It was changed to this because it was on this day, that Mary went to the tomb and Jesus was risen. Jesus came to the disciples that evening and said, "Peace be unto you". 
With the Sacrament we are to think of Christ and the Sacrifice he made for each of us, but to also know that he lives!

Unit 1, Choice 1: Acts 1-12

Unit 1, Choice 1:
Themes emphasized in the Book of Acts:

--There is order within the Lord's church.
--Truth changes hearts.
--Truth will prevail as we put our faith in the Lord and do his will.
--Eternal truths and principles are gained through acts not forms that man would desire (money).
--The Holy Ghost teaches and leads people to do good.
--Importance of Missionary work.
--The gospel will be spread to all the world.

What was Peter doing in the chapters of Acts?

Chapter 2:
-Testifying of the resurrection of Christ.
-Teaches of gaining Salvation and of the Holy Ghost.
-Converts many.

Chapter 3:
-Peter, along with John, heal a man who has been lame since birth.
-Preaches Repentance.
-Teaches of the restoration to take place before the Second Coming of Christ.
-Clarifies that Christ is the prophet of which Moses spoke.

Chapter 4:
-Arrested and before the council.
-Testifies that Salvation comes because of Christ.

Chapter 5:
-Continue the miracles of Jesus.
-Arrested (as well as John) and released by an Angel.
-Testify of Christ.

Chapter 8:
-Peter and John to Samaria, confer the Gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands.
-Rebukes Simon for wanting to buy the gift.

Chapter 9:
-Peter heals AEneas
-Raises Dorcas from death.

Chapter 10:
-Commanded in a vision to take the gospel to the Gentiles.

Chapter 12:
-Peter is freed from Prison.
-Helps church grow.

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Okay, this might be cheap of me to do, but since I haven't posted anything in awhile I am going to just share a paper that I wrote for one of my classes recently, because it is the foundation of all of my thoughts lately. I just don't feel like I should devote time to articulate a bunch of my feelings right now, so this shall suffice.

Doctrinal Research Paper: Marriage

Marriage is the basic foundation of the family in society. As rates of marriage decrease, other things also are lacking in the strength they previously had. The Family: A Proclamation to the World holds great truths that give us the standard of society that we should be standing for. If we are to return to our father in Heaven, we must maintain our families and let the truths be known to those we are around.
Key words: marriage, society, proclamation

At an ever increasing rate, people are choosing to cohabitate rather than to marry. Marriage is a time old event and decision that is now being questioned of its importance and significance. Our societies need to have a basic structure and that has always been found within the home, families. It is more than a simple tradition, it is a divinely purposed institution to help us return to our father in Heaven.
How Does the Lord Feel?
            God’s standards do not change. They never have and they never will. There have been many phases and trends that our society has gone through. In the 1970’s there was the “hippie” movement and they were all about just doing what you want and having a free life. They wanted to be completely unattached. Ever since that time there has been an evolution of the societal thought process concerning Marriage and relationships. In the Book of Saint Mark (10:6-8) in the Bible it says, “But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; and they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.”  This scripture has had much meaning in my life recently. Being married, I know what it feels like to be one with your spouse and the power it gives you to increase your own abilities.
The world is so large and one of the biggest problems that people face is feelings of loneliness.  Heavenly Father has a beautiful plan, The Plan of Salvation that will guide us back to him.  Children are reared by loving parents and they have feelings of belonging. The home is a place to learn and grow. From that we continue on to adulthood and find someone who compliments us and us them. We do not have to be alone.
The Purpose and Roll of Family
            Every person needs to have relationships in which they can trust and in which they learn and understand life principles. In The Family: A Proclamation to the World, it states: “We call upon responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.”  In that statement we find that the family is the building block of society, a society that works and runs off of values. If you take out the foundation of something, it becomes weak and will not withstand trials that come its way.
            There are so many challenges that families are faced with each day as individuals strive to find their potential. An example was the beginning of the feminist movement in the 1960’s and 70’s. Women wanted to have a place in the workforce, not only that they wanted to start leading out. That is one place that I see the crumbling of marriage. What society deems important has continually been sliding marriage and family responsibilities out of the spotlight. 
            Elder M. Russell Ballard said,
We cannot and we must not allow the school, community, television,
or even Church organizations to establish our children’s values. The Lord
has placed this duty with mothers and fathers. It is one from which we
cannot escape and one that cannot be delegated. Others may help, but
 parents remain accountable. Therefore, we must guard the sanctity of
our homes because that is where children develop their values, attitudes,
 and habits for everyday living. (p.79-80)
            This is why the institution of family is so important. When there is the proper order, children learn how to function in society and have security while they develop into responsible, independent adults.
Satan’s tug
The fight of standing up for marriage and family has always been around. We are battling with ever increasing force as Satan does likewise. Within the church young adults are delaying marriages and concerned about having the absolute perfect situation in order to make that step in their lives. That is part of Satan’s tug on us to be miserable. In a talk given by Elder Holland in a BYU devotional he concluded about this topic: “Certainly do not give into that being who is bent on the destruction of your happiness. He wants everyone to be miserable like unto himself. Face your doubts. Master your fears. ‘Cast not away therefore your confidence.’ Stay the course and see the beauty of life unfold for you.” (1999)  There is a huge part of us that wants to fit in, that wants to keep the peace, that wants to simply care for our own family. We think that we are safeguarded if we just care for our individual marriage and family, but that will not work as the fight is getting more and more intense. Heavenly Father has pure intent and reason in the proper structure and it is through this structure of marriage that we may return to him.
What is expected of us?
            We know that our entire responsibility is not only to take care of our own family and to have marriage be important to us. As members of the church, we are expected to share what we believe and to stand up for what is right in our community and within our sphere of influence. In 1995 we were given The Family Proclamation. We did not receive new doctrine within this document, but truths were reconfirmed.  In the October 2005 Conference, M. Russell Ballard said,
Today I call upon members of the Church and on committed parents,
grandparents, and extended family members everywhere to hold fast to
 this great proclamation, to make it a banner not unlike General Moroni’s
 “title of liberty,” and to commit ourselves to live by its precepts. As we
are all part of a family, the proclamation applies to everyone.
It makes sense to me that the fundamental unit of society is family, therefore marriage, because it is the overlying unit of society as we are all children of God and have a responsibility to care for and love those around us.
Not Being Married
            Part of the trend that we have is that of simply living together and not seeing the need for marriage, because we can still be a happy family. There are many things wrong with this idea. As I have already quoted the Family Proclamation, it expounds on the structure of family. It tells us that marriage is to be between a male and female and those future children have the right to be brought to this earth to parents who are legally and lawfully married.
            When we start to break the foundation we see so many parts that crumble on our structure. I found a list of “Benefits of family for children and adults” from and two of the facts were,
Married mothers tend to create a better home environment for their
 infants. Married mothers also tended to interact more positively with
their infants compared to cohabiting or single mothers.
Married mothers are less likely to experience abuse and violence. Even
 when the very high rates of abuse of separated and divorced mothers were
 added into the statistic, the rates of abuse among mothers who had ever been
married were still lower than the rates of abuse among women who had never
 married and those who were cohabiting. Among mothers who were currently
 married or had ever been married, the rate of abuse was 38.5 per 1,000 mothers.
 Among mothers who have never been married the rate was 81 per 1,000 mothers.
There are many more statistics that show the benefits of marriage on all individuals in society/the family. Marriage is an important institution that has so much weight in the direction of our society.
            The choice to marry is more than keeping to a tradition. Marriage is ordained of God and we have to stand up while the society crumbles and do all that we can to maintain the foundational structure of family. Our goal is to return to our father in Heaven and this can only be achieved through the family unit.

Ballard, M. Russell (1991).  Ensign, May, 79-80.
Ballard, M. Russell (2005). What Matters Most is What Lasts Longest           longest?lang=eng
Benefits of Family for Children and Adults. Retrieved from  
The Family: A Proclamation to the World
Holland, Jeffrey R. (1999). Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence. Brigham Young             University devotional address. Retrieved from
Saint Mark, The King James version of the Bible.

I hope that was enjoyable!!! (=

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Becoming a city on a Hill

A couple of nights ago my husband and I ended up talking late at night instead of getting enough sleep. These are always the best conversations. It began with me venting some about my frustrations at work. We were discussing passions and having strong opinions and what are they good for? I find myself getting so angry with passion at different topics that I seem to be on the losing side of. I like to have good meaningful conversations with people and share what I believe, but isn't it the hardest to do when it really counts?
So, being surrounded at work by people with contrary views and some very good points at times, I sometimes let my light become suffocated and flicker out. It's not that I don't still feel the same way, but I sit back and just listen. So in the conversation with my husband he was asking how can we give the scriptures Matthew 5: 14-16 a spot in our life?
I have been thinking a lot about that and I can't even begin to regurgitate in actual words all of what I feel. I have been blessed to feel very strongly about certain principles that are true and everlasting. There is great purpose in people being given such a love for certain topics. We are to be a standard for the nations. Let our voices be known. I probably will never be in a political position and have "such a big voice". I think the little voices many times contribute the most. We need to be active participants in everything. I am going to stand up against things I don't believe in, but even better of an idea is to stand up for something better and something that I definitely do believe in.
I will list a few things.....easy way of getting some of my thoughts out instead of writing a really eloquent post and spending hours on it....
1. the powers of Satan (yes, very broad)
2. video games---mindless, unproductive activities
3. dropping morals

Like I said, it's probably better to be for things so that list will stay short and maybe unexplained.

1. God's laws
2. Charity
3. The institution of marriage ---please read ---The Family: A Proclamation to the World I LOVE this        document!
4. Having Children! Isn't it the most important and worthwhile? I don't know from experience yet, but      I am sure glad my parents thought so!
5. Quality Family time.!!!!  A MUST MUST MUST!!!!! Families are decaying. It is the most immediate attack from Satan and from all of society! Strengthen and shield your family. No, don't hide away and not let them experience the world, but teach them correct principles! Let them struggle some. They need to grow their own testimony....sometimes it's a little painful.
What is one thing in particular that was a strong protection in my family growing up? Well, there were many......there is one I will share right here and we have heard it plenty plenty some from people studying successful growth of children and most importantly from our LDS church leaders..... HAVE DINNER TOGETHER!! OFTEN! Maybe all you can do is have it once a week......Try harder. It is the best quality time! I know life is busy! My family didn't always have dinner at 6pm......that was rare. Sometimes it took until 10pm and we could finally gather for tacos...... how wonderful was that! Funny memories, belonging, a safe haven. JUST DO IT.
6. Reading! This is new for me I guess. I have always liked reading and read a book if I really get into it within the first 10 pages. Since I met my husband, my love for reading has greatly increased. We read all the time. We read informative books, fun books (which many times become very informative). It is a strengthening tool. You learn! Read out loud with your families. Spend $30 a month and buy some books. Read instead of watching T. V. every night for 5 hours. It is really fun.
7. Expressions of Love. Say it, and say it again. I grew up in a home where that was constant. My daddy always told me he loved me. We got big hugs and big kisses on the cheek. There were times, many times when I was really frustrated with my big brother, Isak because he loved to squeeze everything out of you. He was so lovey. UGH! Sometimes it was just to annoy, but is there a better way for an older brother to annoy and tease than with hugs and words of admiration? I got smothered with love. More kids need this. I am going to smother my kids with love too!

Okay, so there are many other things that I am for, but I think I may be getting off of my original topic. What good are my opinions doing if I keep them all to myself? They are doing much, because most likely I will share it with my family and many of my opinions are shared by others in my church, but why don't I stand up? Well, I am going to stand up. I don't have to be nasty and argue, but when one of my co-workers is going on and on about how she loves working with kids at work, but is so glad she doesn't have any because she wants to keep all of her time for herself and states that she is selfish......couldn't I reply? My reply should have been. Well, I can't wait to have kids! I am so selfish that I want to have 6 kids, because I am most happy when surrounded by bright little faces that adore me. ahaha. Just share your opinion. Sometimes it might be in a light funny way like that. Just do it. I am going to be an advocate for families. Lately that is all I think about. I want families to be strong. I want people to feel the value of the family institution that I have felt all my life. We can all have it. Just love!

Important. I have been collecting my thoughts a lot the last couple of days about this and this morning I found an old talk from a previous President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Hinckley. I read it through and it explains everything so well.  A City Upon a Hill I really encourage you to read it, because it explains so much better what I wanted to get across in the beginning, but it is difficult to express these things.  One little snippet from what he said, "For instance, as the integrity of the family crumbles under worldly pressures, our position on the sanctity of the family will become more obvious and even more peculiar in contrast, if we have the faith to maintain that position." 

Stand up for God's laws and the Morals that have lead this country in particular to greatness. We can't let it crumble without a fight. Another time I will go on and on about my strong opinions of other things. 
My last thought........ a poem. I love poetry. Eternal Families

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Okay. So yesterday was a pretty darn good day. Of course I did spend 8 hours wiping noses and bottoms....but after work I ran home (I didn't really run, I drove) and curled my hair, put a dress on and went to pick Ryan up from work. My hair was half done and he took an extra 20 min to come out of work, so I guess I could have finished. So we got back to the apartment and Ryan got all suited up. We were on a mission. 6pm and we were ready to head to Boise to go to the LDS temple to do a session. Well, we knew we were going to be hungry so we went to Burger King; then were on the road. On the way, my awesome big brother Zzzzz called and we talked for a bit. We made it to Boise and we were in time for the last session of the evening at 8pm. The rush that always seems to come with getting to the temple is SO worth it.
Next...... we get out about 10pm and decide there are some things we need to get a the grocery store before heading back on our 45min journey. Winco it is!!! This is the place to buy bulk Gluten Free flour. While in the bulk section, we fell into the trap that we hardly ever escape. CANDY. Well, it's about halloween time I guess so there was CANDY CORN. I love the stuff. There was many tubs of it. So we were naming all of them. oh my! I thought there was only regular, chocolate, and the pumpkins!!!! SO MANY. I said I wanted some, but then said that we should hurry to the milk and get away from it. Well, Ryan is way too nice and said, " which one do you want?" I replied that the original would be great. He starts scooping some into a bag and says, "and what other one?" And oh my big mouth, I answer that I just want to try all of them. HA.........So this wonderful man starts loading up the bags and reading off numbers for me to label them with. !!! (= The ride home we were trying the various flavors and rating them. I just want to let you all know that Candy Corn is awesome.I will list what ones we got. Regular, Caramel, pumpkin spice, caramel apple (amazing), juju (weird, but awesome), and chocolate covered mixed with regular. The last one.......not great. They must have found 20year old candy corn in a warehouse corner or something and decided to chocolate cover them and charge twice as much for them as any of the others. Wooo. So, a candy corn adventure.
So, what is the point of me going on and on about candy corn? Well first off, it's good stuff. Really though it is because to me this is one of the reasons to love life. Such a simple thing. Candy Corn after the temple. I love the funny little things we do. The highlight of my night was going to the Temple. I love candy, but why I really love candy? It is probably because I am just like every other girl out there. I want to be skinnier than the skinniest girl. I want to lose 15 pounds. I am constantly thinking about it. Guess what? I know that I am just fine and what really matters is how I feel and that I should be exercising. The candy corn reminds me to calm down about all of that. Sometimes I do have a bit of a freak out, because Ryan is way too nice to me and if I say anything about liking a certain candy there he comes with a big one for me. Wow! Isn't he so fantastic? YES. I want so badly to be a health nut and workout crazy. I guess that's not me. The truth is, I think I used to be quite balanced in those areas. I love running and exercising.......Honestly, in the last 9 months I have eaten more candy that what I had previously in my entire life and been more sedentary than ever before, no exaggeration. I am SO happy. I have a wonderful husband, we live in a nice apartment that we can afford, we are debt free, and we have a garden!!! Blessings, blessings, blessings.
* I still want to start running again...........! Maybe once my job is over in  one and a half months and I am only doing online school. Maybe I will have time to take care of my body. ;) NO! Everybody, take care of your body so that you CAN enjoy candy corn once a year! (:

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello to my blog

A few weekends ago my husband and I went hiking in the Pine/Featherville area in Idaho. We drove on back roads for a while trying to find the place I had decided we should go earlier this year. I had started looking into Letterboxing which is amazing. (Go to for details.) We previously decided not to go, because it was too early in the year and there was mounds of snow. Back to my story. We finally made it to the Trinity Lakes area and went a short ways on the trail, because we were running out of time for the day. While hiking I was saying how insanely out of shape I am . My sports bra was just so tight I felt like I couldn't breathe. He said, " Well, why don't you just take it off?" Sounded like a pretty good idea to me. I did it. He suggested I go off the trail a little ways to a rise so I could have some privacy. I said there was no need and wriggled my way out of it with no problem at all and left it hanging around my neck ( I didn't have any pockets on me). We discussed how maybe it would look odd if we passed anymore hikers, for me to have such a thing hanging around my neck. I concluded that it really just looked like a sports head band. This discussion turned into us talking about me creating a blog and writing about empowering women to drop the status quo that society has set up and stop wearing bras. Lets be honest, none of us are comfortable in them. So many hilarious things were said. We made up stories and such. I was going to call it mybra-g......But we decided that might not be so appropriate and I want to write about whatever I want to write about everyday. I just have a hard time understanding the point of me writing a blog, because there are so many out there. Hopefully I will just use this as a sort of journal. I am converting my previous blog, which I only had for a college course into my write whenever I want blog. Probably most people don't do an introductory blog post like this. Yes, I like to ramble. 

I want to introduce you to my small family. All I will show right now really is my husband and I. This was our wedding day. We were married in December in the Mesa Arizona LDS Temple. It was like being in Hawaii, because the weather was absolutely perfect and we got Palm Trees in pictures. 

 I wanted to share this, because I feel like it describes a lot of my life. We see so many cute pictures all the time or wonderful things happen in people's lives and it just looks unrealistic. I think it is. haha. Right after getting married we thought we would take one of those cute pictures where we hold up the groom. Well, we dropped the Groom. We didn't smash his face, so that was a good thing, but honestly everything for me is more real. Everybody else somehow gets everything to look perfect, but where's the fun in that?

Lastly, I just want to share that I think "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication " ~Leonardo da Vinci
That is one of the many things I want to live by.