Saturday, September 13, 2014

Becoming a city on a Hill

A couple of nights ago my husband and I ended up talking late at night instead of getting enough sleep. These are always the best conversations. It began with me venting some about my frustrations at work. We were discussing passions and having strong opinions and what are they good for? I find myself getting so angry with passion at different topics that I seem to be on the losing side of. I like to have good meaningful conversations with people and share what I believe, but isn't it the hardest to do when it really counts?
So, being surrounded at work by people with contrary views and some very good points at times, I sometimes let my light become suffocated and flicker out. It's not that I don't still feel the same way, but I sit back and just listen. So in the conversation with my husband he was asking how can we give the scriptures Matthew 5: 14-16 a spot in our life?
I have been thinking a lot about that and I can't even begin to regurgitate in actual words all of what I feel. I have been blessed to feel very strongly about certain principles that are true and everlasting. There is great purpose in people being given such a love for certain topics. We are to be a standard for the nations. Let our voices be known. I probably will never be in a political position and have "such a big voice". I think the little voices many times contribute the most. We need to be active participants in everything. I am going to stand up against things I don't believe in, but even better of an idea is to stand up for something better and something that I definitely do believe in.
I will list a few things.....easy way of getting some of my thoughts out instead of writing a really eloquent post and spending hours on it....
1. the powers of Satan (yes, very broad)
2. video games---mindless, unproductive activities
3. dropping morals

Like I said, it's probably better to be for things so that list will stay short and maybe unexplained.

1. God's laws
2. Charity
3. The institution of marriage ---please read ---The Family: A Proclamation to the World I LOVE this        document!
4. Having Children! Isn't it the most important and worthwhile? I don't know from experience yet, but      I am sure glad my parents thought so!
5. Quality Family time.!!!!  A MUST MUST MUST!!!!! Families are decaying. It is the most immediate attack from Satan and from all of society! Strengthen and shield your family. No, don't hide away and not let them experience the world, but teach them correct principles! Let them struggle some. They need to grow their own testimony....sometimes it's a little painful.
What is one thing in particular that was a strong protection in my family growing up? Well, there were many......there is one I will share right here and we have heard it plenty plenty some from people studying successful growth of children and most importantly from our LDS church leaders..... HAVE DINNER TOGETHER!! OFTEN! Maybe all you can do is have it once a week......Try harder. It is the best quality time! I know life is busy! My family didn't always have dinner at 6pm......that was rare. Sometimes it took until 10pm and we could finally gather for tacos...... how wonderful was that! Funny memories, belonging, a safe haven. JUST DO IT.
6. Reading! This is new for me I guess. I have always liked reading and read a book if I really get into it within the first 10 pages. Since I met my husband, my love for reading has greatly increased. We read all the time. We read informative books, fun books (which many times become very informative). It is a strengthening tool. You learn! Read out loud with your families. Spend $30 a month and buy some books. Read instead of watching T. V. every night for 5 hours. It is really fun.
7. Expressions of Love. Say it, and say it again. I grew up in a home where that was constant. My daddy always told me he loved me. We got big hugs and big kisses on the cheek. There were times, many times when I was really frustrated with my big brother, Isak because he loved to squeeze everything out of you. He was so lovey. UGH! Sometimes it was just to annoy, but is there a better way for an older brother to annoy and tease than with hugs and words of admiration? I got smothered with love. More kids need this. I am going to smother my kids with love too!

Okay, so there are many other things that I am for, but I think I may be getting off of my original topic. What good are my opinions doing if I keep them all to myself? They are doing much, because most likely I will share it with my family and many of my opinions are shared by others in my church, but why don't I stand up? Well, I am going to stand up. I don't have to be nasty and argue, but when one of my co-workers is going on and on about how she loves working with kids at work, but is so glad she doesn't have any because she wants to keep all of her time for herself and states that she is selfish......couldn't I reply? My reply should have been. Well, I can't wait to have kids! I am so selfish that I want to have 6 kids, because I am most happy when surrounded by bright little faces that adore me. ahaha. Just share your opinion. Sometimes it might be in a light funny way like that. Just do it. I am going to be an advocate for families. Lately that is all I think about. I want families to be strong. I want people to feel the value of the family institution that I have felt all my life. We can all have it. Just love!

Important. I have been collecting my thoughts a lot the last couple of days about this and this morning I found an old talk from a previous President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Hinckley. I read it through and it explains everything so well.  A City Upon a Hill I really encourage you to read it, because it explains so much better what I wanted to get across in the beginning, but it is difficult to express these things.  One little snippet from what he said, "For instance, as the integrity of the family crumbles under worldly pressures, our position on the sanctity of the family will become more obvious and even more peculiar in contrast, if we have the faith to maintain that position." 

Stand up for God's laws and the Morals that have lead this country in particular to greatness. We can't let it crumble without a fight. Another time I will go on and on about my strong opinions of other things. 
My last thought........ a poem. I love poetry. Eternal Families


  1. So beautiful, Micah. I love it. So glad your family was raised on lots of love. So glad Ryan loves books. Love you both. Did I miss the poem at the end?

  2. you just click the last words "eternal families" and it is a link