Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Okay. So yesterday was a pretty darn good day. Of course I did spend 8 hours wiping noses and bottoms....but after work I ran home (I didn't really run, I drove) and curled my hair, put a dress on and went to pick Ryan up from work. My hair was half done and he took an extra 20 min to come out of work, so I guess I could have finished. So we got back to the apartment and Ryan got all suited up. We were on a mission. 6pm and we were ready to head to Boise to go to the LDS temple to do a session. Well, we knew we were going to be hungry so we went to Burger King; then were on the road. On the way, my awesome big brother Zzzzz called and we talked for a bit. We made it to Boise and we were in time for the last session of the evening at 8pm. The rush that always seems to come with getting to the temple is SO worth it.
Next...... we get out about 10pm and decide there are some things we need to get a the grocery store before heading back on our 45min journey. Winco it is!!! This is the place to buy bulk Gluten Free flour. While in the bulk section, we fell into the trap that we hardly ever escape. CANDY. Well, it's about halloween time I guess so there was CANDY CORN. I love the stuff. There was many tubs of it. So we were naming all of them. oh my! I thought there was only regular, chocolate, and the pumpkins!!!! SO MANY. I said I wanted some, but then said that we should hurry to the milk and get away from it. Well, Ryan is way too nice and said, " which one do you want?" I replied that the original would be great. He starts scooping some into a bag and says, "and what other one?" And oh my big mouth, I answer that I just want to try all of them. HA.........So this wonderful man starts loading up the bags and reading off numbers for me to label them with. !!! (= The ride home we were trying the various flavors and rating them. I just want to let you all know that Candy Corn is awesome.I will list what ones we got. Regular, Caramel, pumpkin spice, caramel apple (amazing), juju (weird, but awesome), and chocolate covered mixed with regular. The last one.......not great. They must have found 20year old candy corn in a warehouse corner or something and decided to chocolate cover them and charge twice as much for them as any of the others. Wooo. So, a candy corn adventure.
So, what is the point of me going on and on about candy corn? Well first off, it's good stuff. Really though it is because to me this is one of the reasons to love life. Such a simple thing. Candy Corn after the temple. I love the funny little things we do. The highlight of my night was going to the Temple. I love candy, but why I really love candy? It is probably because I am just like every other girl out there. I want to be skinnier than the skinniest girl. I want to lose 15 pounds. I am constantly thinking about it. Guess what? I know that I am just fine and what really matters is how I feel and that I should be exercising. The candy corn reminds me to calm down about all of that. Sometimes I do have a bit of a freak out, because Ryan is way too nice to me and if I say anything about liking a certain candy there he comes with a big one for me. Wow! Isn't he so fantastic? YES. I want so badly to be a health nut and workout crazy. I guess that's not me. The truth is, I think I used to be quite balanced in those areas. I love running and exercising.......Honestly, in the last 9 months I have eaten more candy that what I had previously in my entire life and been more sedentary than ever before, no exaggeration. I am SO happy. I have a wonderful husband, we live in a nice apartment that we can afford, we are debt free, and we have a garden!!! Blessings, blessings, blessings.
* I still want to start running again...........! Maybe once my job is over in  one and a half months and I am only doing online school. Maybe I will have time to take care of my body. ;) NO! Everybody, take care of your body so that you CAN enjoy candy corn once a year! (:

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  1. Sounds like I need to try candy corn. Keep having fun.