Monday, December 15, 2014

Unit 2: Choice 1: Jude: "Keep Yourselves in the Love of God"

1. Read Jude 1:1-3 How can you multiply mercy, peace, and love? How can you appropriately "contend for the faith"?
You can multiply mercy, peace, and love through obedience to God's commandments and acceptance of the Lord's atonement. If we are disciples of Christ, standing true in all things, this is an appropriate contending for the faith and will also multiply mercy, peace, and love.

2. Read Jude 1:4-19
~ The doctrine referred to in the wording "first estate" of Jude 1:6, is that of our fore-ordination. We all are "pre-destined" for different things. We know this, because we know that we lived with Heavenly Father before coming to earth. We are well on our journey as we are here on the earth. We have plans and things that we need to accomplish on this earth for ourselves and for the Salvation of others.
~Jude 1:9 Michael and Satan dispute. This is an interesting situation and verse in which we feel that they are disputing over the burial of Moses. The words of Michael are most likely from verses of "scripture" or books that were well known in that day and therefore, are odd for us, as we do not really know of these writings. Translation could be incorrect as well. We believe the 8th Article of Faith. We believe our scriptures to be correct as far as they are translated correctly.
~Jude 1:14 Who will Accompany Christ at the Second Coming? 10 Thousand of his Saints. This really makes you imagine all those who are righteous and past on, they will be angels rejoicing, and around, presenting the Lord to the world.

3. How can we avoid the evils that come from false teachers?  Jude 1:17, 20-25
       One of the most important things we can do to avoid the evils of false teachings is to stay close to the true doctrines that we have. Reading, studying and becoming familiar with Christ's teachings will be a protection to us as we try to fight off false teachings. If we know the truth well, we will be stronger to defend ourselves. The true way to avoid the evils of this world is the simple things that are stressed to us so often. We must pray, repent, serve others, speak of Christ, and rejoice in Christ.

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