Thursday, April 9, 2015

Furby or Frisbee???

          It was the Christmas of 1998 or 1999 or sometime around those years. Mom asked me to write a wish list to Santa so that he would know different options of what I would like to see under the Christmas tree. Mom always said to remember that you are writing a WISH list and that Santa does not have to get you everything on your list. She said that I could put a star next to the one or two things that I really, really wanted.  I did just that. I remember writing a few things that I need, knowing that Santa wouldn't be able to resist giving me socks for Christmas. One item that I put a star next to was a furisbee....I probably spelled it about like that, but I am not quite positive.
         Christmas morning rolled around and there were beautifully wrapped, magic filled boxes under the tree and making their way throughout the family room. As the morning moved along I was handed a present to open and my mom seemed SO excited. I opened it and it was a deep orange colored Frisbee with blue swirls on the top. I thought that was pretty cool.
         Later that day my mom asked if I wanted to go outside a throw my awesome new Frisbee, so my brothers and I went out and played with it. I had no skills in the department of Frisbee throwing. So, as a few weeks began to pass and I didn't seem like I was all that in love with my Frisbee my mom asked if I was so happy that I had gotten exactly what I wanted from Santa. I told her I was really happy with all that I got and that it was all cool, but that I was really hoping I would have gotten a Furby. One of my best friends had a couple and I thought they were the coolest. 
        Mom was really confused and asked if I had put that on my list and I informed her that I had. She asked if I had put a Frisbee down and I said that I definitely did not, though it was cool. 
        Skip forward about 4 years...possibly 5 and Mom hands me a square box at Christmas and says, "I think Santa found something deep in his present sack..." I was intrigued by this lead up and as I began to open the box I could hear some mechanical type movement. I reached in and pulled out a black and white Furby. It started batting it's eyes and said, "Hi, my name Harvey".  
          If that won't give you night mares, I don't know what will..... I am totally joking. Harvey and I became pretty good friends, though he really freaked Ciara out when he would randomly start talking and singing to himself in the closet when we were trying to go to sleep. 

           So, the big question is, where did Mom find this thing when they definitely were not in stores 4 years later (yes, I understand that they made a comeback once, though that generation was much freakier, and yes, Mom got me one of those one's too, but we thankfully returned it)?  I asked her about it and I think at one point she told me MOST of the story. She said she asked every store she could, called, asked for managers, etc. At one point someone in the back of a store said something like, "Ma'am, I think I just might be able to help you out". So, I am pretty sure some girl my exact age right now is asking their mom or dad what ever happened to the Furby they got in 98/99. Well, lets hope it was a girl.