Monday, November 10, 2014

Unit 1, Choice 1: Acts 1-12

Unit 1, Choice 1:
Themes emphasized in the Book of Acts:

--There is order within the Lord's church.
--Truth changes hearts.
--Truth will prevail as we put our faith in the Lord and do his will.
--Eternal truths and principles are gained through acts not forms that man would desire (money).
--The Holy Ghost teaches and leads people to do good.
--Importance of Missionary work.
--The gospel will be spread to all the world.

What was Peter doing in the chapters of Acts?

Chapter 2:
-Testifying of the resurrection of Christ.
-Teaches of gaining Salvation and of the Holy Ghost.
-Converts many.

Chapter 3:
-Peter, along with John, heal a man who has been lame since birth.
-Preaches Repentance.
-Teaches of the restoration to take place before the Second Coming of Christ.
-Clarifies that Christ is the prophet of which Moses spoke.

Chapter 4:
-Arrested and before the council.
-Testifies that Salvation comes because of Christ.

Chapter 5:
-Continue the miracles of Jesus.
-Arrested (as well as John) and released by an Angel.
-Testify of Christ.

Chapter 8:
-Peter and John to Samaria, confer the Gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands.
-Rebukes Simon for wanting to buy the gift.

Chapter 9:
-Peter heals AEneas
-Raises Dorcas from death.

Chapter 10:
-Commanded in a vision to take the gospel to the Gentiles.

Chapter 12:
-Peter is freed from Prison.
-Helps church grow.

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