Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Unit 2, Choice 1: Romans 12-16, Live as Saints should Live

1. Romans 13:11 what is "nearer"?  Ezekiel 3:20, Doctrine and Covenants 14:7 What must we continue doing to work out or Salvation?
Our Salvation is "nearer" than we thought. 
We must continue in righteousness to work out or Salvation, we cannot turn from our righteousness. If we keep the commandments of the Lord and endure to the end, we will have eternal life. 

2. Romans 12-13  What did Paul teach that would lead to Salvation?
12:1-- your body as a living sacrifice--to give service
12:2--renew your mind, to testify of God, what is good. 
12:9--love always, fend off evil, follow what is good. 
12:13--hospitality, help others
12:16--treat all equal
12:21--do so much good, it hides the evil of the world. 
13:1--honor the power of God. 
13:3--Do good continually
13:8--stay out of debt, love everyone
13:9--Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, that is all encompassing of all of the commandments that should be obeyed. 

3. Romans 14:1-13; 15:1-3
What cautions did Paul give about Judging?
He stated that "God hath received him", so it is His position to take care of judgement. We all have sins and are different in our own. Imperfect man are not equipped to judge another. We will all be judged by God and if we judge another, we will be responsible for that judgement. 
People may have different opinions and practices, but what is most important to remember?
We need to remember that we are all siblings in the Lord and we are all striving to return to him. If we remember this, we will be more ready to serve and love those around us, lift them up so that we may have them as we return to our Father. 
What additional insights from Doctrine and Covenants 38:25-27?
We need to be equal in love to everyone and treat them in the best Spirit. We do not have the right to judge anyone and if we do, we are really not part of Heavenly Father's kingdom and family. "If ye are not one, ye are not mine". 

4. What is the term Paul frequently used to refer to members of the church in his day?
He referred to the members of the Church/followers of Christ as "Saints". We use this term today and I think that it has deep meaning in who we are supposed to be and how we should act. Saints are people who are always acting for others, doing things that take from themselves and give to others. 

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