Friday, December 11, 2015

Gulp. Gulp. GULP.

I am really good at procrastination, but at the same time I am way on top of stuff. I have a final paper due. It is the last assignment I need to get done for this Fall semester. I am now going to write my first blog post in quite some time, because it is more entertaining than writing a paper for school. But, I guess I am not that bad of a slacker, because the paper isn't really due until next Thursday...practically a week away. I like to give myself deadlines ahead of time. Stress, but no stress, eh.  ok...

Last night I saw a video of ladies talking and eating lunch as if they were toddlers. Thus, they were spitting out their food and just making a mess, looking ridiculous. One of them starting drinking water and it was so loud, obnoxious, and sounded as if they were having some sort of attack within. This reminded me of a long time ago, in a far off land..Arizona. When I used to drink I gulped a lot. You could hear every time I swallowed and it was apparently obnoxious. I had (still do) a really cool older brother, Z.
I apparently annoyed him with my drinking and he would yell at me to drink quieter, etc. This hurt my feelings, because it was what it was. I remember crying sometimes, because of the intensity of his frustration with me...which made me frustrated with him.  Z is a very patient guy and one day he kept his cool and took me step by step through how to drink quieter. You would have to ask him about how it is done, because he is such a good teacher I now drink like a regular human being...the liquids just sort of flow to the bottom.
This was probably really boring to read, but it makes me miss my brother. He has taught me lots of things and has let me tag along on many adventures. Love you tons Zach!