Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sisters are forever!! (: Some Fun stories!

So I was just reminded of a time when you were honing your nursing skills. We were at Girl's Camp and it was my first year. I was unpacking and grabbed my razor out of my bag, slicing my finger open, it was a gory scene. I went to find you, because you were the only person I wanted to help me. I still remember the cool 'cast' you made for me. You had everything in your homemade first aid kit. Once I thought of this experience I was trying to remember if there were earlier experiences of your skills. I remembered when I let a neighborhood girl put a concoction of weeds and berries onto my scraped knee. When I came home and you saw it and found out who I let do it, you went to work on cleaning it up so I wouldn't get an infection. You are awesome. I won't go into detail about the time mom left you to watch me when I was running a high fever. I am sure you remember that one. wink emoticonFredrika!!!! I love you.

Story for today: haha. Do you remember Tah Wah? I really don't know if that is the proper way to spell it. I feel like you invented the game, but who knows. We did it a lot when you were babysitting and Isak would be crazy. The best spot was right at the bottom of the stairs so that there were three walls available to pin a person to. Hands in the notches of each others shoulders and straight elbows. That game was intense and I seriously think it was a great outlet for sibling disputes. I also just remembered how you used to pin Isak on the ground and sit on him, holding his arms down to make him listen. Got a little more difficult when he started to grow and so did everyone else, you couldn't sit on anyone anymore. Yep. yep. I think that some forms of "fighting" are quite healthy...and entertaining.

So, I was pretty dang sick one summer and I was running a really high fever for a couple of days. Mom went to the store for food and probably stuff for me. You were supposed to watch me and get stuff for me and I think run me a bath. I was in the bathroom upstairs and I was crying and stuff. We decided you needed to check my temperature and I told you to get the thermometer out of Mom's bathroom drawer. You came back and rinsed off the thermometer and started to shake it clear. The way I remember it was that you were walking toward me real creepy like, with your arm extended ready to pop that sucker in my mouth. I screamed and said, "Not that one!" You were startled and said you didn't know what I was talking about and I started crying and telling you that you can't put it in my mouth. I either whacked it out of your hand or you just dropped it when you were so scared of my wrath. I told you, "That is a butt thermometer!!" Apparently you didn't know about those things, but I did. But yet, you are the nurse.

Sister, So...One time You+Me decided that we wanted to go to Tucson for the weekend so we took that cute, little red truck and we were off...with a coooool book in hand. I read the entire thing to you on the way there, through our stay, and back. Hunger Games, yo! But umm, so we got lost in Phoenix through the spaghetti bowl,but then figured out how to keep heading south and somehow cut off time, making it to the Grandparent's Casa in 3 hours flat. .....That story isn't very exciting, but it is something that I like to remember. 
smile emoticon I love you!

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