Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hair Mishap

Christmas time of 2010 was super fun...there was snow! We played in the snow and it was great. It came to be New Year's Eve and I wanted to re-highlight my hair before going to the stake dance that night. Ciara and I decided that we could do this and so we bought a box of bleach/highlighting stuff and went into the bathroom to get my head ready. We put on the "cap" and started pulling hair through the little holes with a pick. We decided that our best option for success would be to use this method.
Looks great, eh? Yeah, one mistake that was often made at home was to leave the door open, laughing and talking loud enough for Mom to get curious. She came in and was telling us that this was a bad idea, because we didn't know what we were doing, as we had never dyed hair before, (at least "substantially", there was one time with hot pink hair dye...that is another story) and that she could help us, because of her expertise of hair dying. She said we needed to get rid of the cap and do foils, because that is how the professionals do it. I have heard that foils are tricky and so I was quite apprehensive, but we were having fun and it is just hair, right?

Just from the look of it, we should have been anticipating some problems I believe, because most the time foils are very neatly folded and flopped to different sides of the head...I had a crazy rats nest on the top of my head with hair knotted up in tin foil from the kitchen...was it heavy duty? haha!?
  Now, I wish I had a picture to show the severity of the rest of the story, but I did not want pictures of such a disaster. We defoiled/unraveled my hair and it looked as though their might be some issues with what areas got highlighted, but Mom assured me that once I dried my freshly washed hair I could see the full effect. Yes, I saw the full effect! Ciara is the funniest when it comes to things like this, because her facial expressions let you know whether you need to be concerned or not. She gets big eyes and starts laughing/breathing deeply. It is pretty disconcerting. So, I had a bunch of round splotches of bleached hair, right around my part. I was trying to stay calm and remember that I am ok with whatever happens to my hair, because it is just hair. I decided I could roll with it by just flipping which side I part my hair on and getting my hair re-highlighted by a professional later. So, we had dyed my hair, but once flipping it, the highlighting was pretty much on one side of my head. Kind of like Cruella de Vil. 
Ciara helped me do my hair so you couldn't see any major Ooops! in my hair and we continued to be crazy and have fun. Apparently Ciara wanted to pick my nose...?
Pretty much I absolutely love my big sister, because she is hilarious just like me...well, I am constantly trying to be funny like her. Me trying too hard is what is actually funny. The rest of the story? I pretty much did a comb over for 7 months, before we decided we should probably fix the big splotches in my hair.  It was a fun New Year's Eve and the only people that knew there was something seriously wrong with my hair were the ones I showed it to at the dance. 

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  1. Sooo glad I am cool like you sister!! Haha and it makes me happy when you remind me about these crazy stories!!