Sunday, March 1, 2015

Isak and I were the best of friends...

Oh Me and Isak...Isak and I. Sometimes it seemed like we wanted to destroy each other....but seriously I told him everything and he told me ...ha as much as boys talk....
We had a lot of fun...even when there were mishaps.

Isak was a student of Yavapai College before he went on his mission and I was still in High School. He was helping someone with their garage door that was broken and .....he got an injury.
It was really bad. This is a picture a day or two after the fact. He got to have stitches all over his eye lid and all that jazz. Well, he didn't want to miss a lecture for his biology class and needed to have good notes taken, but his eyes needed to rest and I don't think he was supposed to drive either. So, I got to skip my school, which of course high school doesn't matter all that much especially when you are a super genius like I was (not really ha). I went to the college with Isak and we waltzed right into that classroom and sat and waited for the instructor to enter. Everyone was slappin' Isak on the back, "yo, man, what's with the patch?"

He had fun with the attention as I sat there awkwardly awaiting being in a college course, at the college. I took college classes that were taught at the high school, but this was a new experience. 
Teacher comes in and Isak goes to chat with him and see if it is okay that I am there to take notes for him. The teacher was quite hesitant as it is against policy to let someone in on lecture who is not registered for the class and Isak didn't have a doctor's note...but the professor decided it was okay as Isak was wearing an eye patch and offered to let the professor see the ridiculous mess beneath that brilliant white cloth....apparently that wouldn't be necessary.  

   Do you know what Isak looked like through the entire 2 hour lecture? He leaned back in his nice rolling chair, hands behind his head and workable eye closed as I wrote notes furiously and legibly... ha this is what it looked like....He really enjoyed relaxing his eyes during this time. 
It was quite a scene for me as I can remember sitting there next to him and kids behind would say to him that he was so lucky to have a secretary in class with him and he would just give 'em a little smirk and just say they were jealous. 
so, here is me on my first day of college secretarial work. 
Isak, I love you and I think you are the greatest. I miss hanging out with you, fighting with you in the truck, listening to music and head banging, etc. The list could go on and on. 

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