Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hiking with Little Brother

Spencer, I was just thinking about when I came home to visit you for Thanksgiving and you took me for a 'hike' and we kept going and all of a sudden we were ankle deep in sludge of the lake and you let me hop on your back as you trumped through, splashing mud all over us. That was super fantastic. The rest of our little hike was fun too, because you are so adventurous. Thank you for being my baby brother all the time and carrying me on your back when my new shoes get all yucked. Well, the moral of the story is; you need to stay in tip top shape in Uruguay so in two years you can still carry me through sludge if need be. I miss you a ton already. It is not fair that I have to go longer than everyone else before seeing you. 25 1/2 months. ridiculous. I love you.

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