Thursday, March 26, 2015

Scottie Pippen

Now, I really don't want anyone to get  the wrong impression of my sister, Ciara. She is awesome, but seriously the best stories are of when things went wrong or there was some kind of fighting going on. Ciara knows how to end a fight once and for all!
So, I have no idea what Ciara and Isak were fighting about, but apparently something had to be done. Isak was probably about 5 years old and he had a Scottie Pippen action figure, I think it was exactly like this one.

Isak took Scottie with him everywhere. Well, Ciara came up with a plan I guess. We had a bathroom wall heater that you could turn on and within seconds it would be glowing red hot. She took Scottie from Isak and turned on the heater. She stuck Scottie's hand right in there and burned/melted it away! I don't remember if it was his free hand or the hand with the basketball. I just remember how horrible it was and how Ciara felt SO bad. Poor Scottie lived on with one hand and still got the love he deserved from Isak. It kind of reminds me of Andy and Woody on Toy Story 2. haha!
So I thought of this story yesterday when I was looking at the heater in my bathroom and I started laughing my head off. I told Ryan about it and then I thought of something. Isn't it interesting that as children we can be so "cruel", breaking and ruining people's favorite things, but once you grow up, if you get angry you can't do that. If you do, the favorite thing is usually pretty valuable like a car or something  and at that point, adults have power to get the law involved. Kids think that their things are as important as an adult's important thing and they are! But we don't see it as such a big deal. So pretty much what I am saying is that adults are just kids in big bodies. When I was little I used to wonder what it would feel like to be 16 or 20, etc. Well, when I hit both of those ages, I still felt like me. I think that it will be like that forever. Even when I am 80 I will still laugh about Scottie Pippen and feel a little bit sad.

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