Friday, November 9, 2012

Unpopular Culture

Has anyone else noticed the crazed fad of ......vampires? Is there any problem with this? Okay, so it basically started from very popular books written by Stephanie Meyers, "The Twilight Saga". Seemingly wholesome books, how can they have a negative affect? The first came out in 2005, in our recession time. Stress levels are/were high for everyone. Yes, parents had it bad, but life changed for teenagers/ children as well. There was an escape  ( "I don't know what it is about them. The writing isn't very good, it's pretty elementary, but it's a page turner," Kuehn said. Kuehn speculates the intensity between the two main characters is responsible for drawing readers in. The first book, Kuehn said, is about the beginnings of new love, which everyone can relate to, regardless of his or her age. Readers continue through the series because the author illustrates the compelling volatility of a bond between a vampire and human. The plot of each book keeps fans feeling insecure about the stability of that relationship and wanting to know more. Read more at: ) through this fantasy life. They could put themselves in the shoes of these characters, just like reading any good book. 
Teens have become unrealistically attached to the idea of Vampires. It is an epidemic in my eyes! ha. Don't get me wrong.... I think I used these books as an escape. It was awesome. But there is a point where it needs to stop. I do not consider myself a fan of the novels. I just thought they were good, simple books to get my mind off of other things. 

Not only was it an obsession of fantasy that has grown and no one wants to face the real world, but it has created an unrealistic view of love, romance. 

Teenage girls are going to be sorely dissapointed when they realize that they are not going to find the perfect, protecting, man. Edward the vampire was placed on a pedestal. Untouchable... and yet she (Bella) got him. 
Not only did the images of a vampire change drastically, but for teenagers it is being ingraved in them that absolutely nothing is certain, trust nothing. There are mythical creatures all around us. 
yes, as children....Anything was possible....SANTA , the TOOTH FAIRY. But there soon came a time that our eyes opened up to the simple complexity of reality. Problems were big, fun was small. 

So is there really a problem with this fad, obsession? There are going to be huge let downs when reality was not as bad when we went through that natural change as children but for those clinging to the imagination and want for that to be reality, I hope they are prepared. That last link is a bit of an eye opener...though it is taken out of context of the book, but to break down the actions of Bella and Edward's relationship and see the things that in society we view as inappropriate and yet in this book you only see this as an amazing love story. It is not likely you will find someone just like Edward, but should you try? Because I know if I ended up with a  man with a few of his qualities I feel as though I wouldn't be as happy as expected. 

"You will likely not find a perfect person, and if you did, there would certainly be no interest in you." ~Richard G. Scott

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  1. I agree with your views on vampires. And I do think that it does create an unrealistic view of love Many people become obsessed with the idea of vampires and they forget what reality really is when it comes to love.