Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MQ: Pop Music Website Analysis

Website for: Brantley Gilbert music: known as BG Nation

Brantley Gilbert portrays himself as just another country boy through his music. He is unique in the way he sings country, as he takes a southern country rock approach. A little rough around the edges …..which shows through his website with the “rough” font of his enlarged name.  The site is pretty plain, simple but just shows true of how they portray him.There are no tricks. The website has an easy layout that anyone can navigate with clear sections listed on the side.

 His newest album, “Hell on Wheels” is a sign of his rough man side. It may sound weird that I am saying simple and plain and then rough…..But that’s just the country way. It’s about “cutting the crap” and ……… getting back to you and me. It’s personal. One on one… He wants his fans to feel like they know him. He doesn't want to leave anyone out. Like most artists, he has a song that anyone can relate to in a way.
It can sound silly, but …get attached to music, lyrics, and songs from an artist and tell me that you don’t feel like you know them in some way or another? On the website, there is a “biography” section and it says pretty much that……. Listen to his music, and get to know him! Other than that, it tells ya’ll a little back ground about where he grew up. They say, “listen to his albums, and feel like family.” Country music group often refers to themselves as “the Family of country music”. The musicians are a sort of support group… Different artists will go on tour together.  Brantley seems to be tightly strung to his record company, “Big Machine Label Group”, as his website is a sub-site of theirs, while many other artists seem to have it under a more private deal.  He is fairly new and has a lesser fan base than other artists that have been in it longer or that get more attention. Looking at youtube views………… For Brantley Gilbert’s song, Kick It in The Sticks, as of today, November 7, 2012 at 8:30pm, (posted: October 4, 2011), has 7,392,478 views. Toby Keith’s song, Red Solo Cup, as of today, at 8:31pm, (posted: October 10, 2011), has 18,231,720 views.  Then there is ……Carly Rae Jepsen’s song, This Kiss, as of today, at 8:33pm, (posted: October 28, 2012), having 7,201,615 views already.  So clearly he is still climbing the latter to claim a place in mass “popular culture”.  (Not to mention, Carly and Brantley are in a relationship). Though they have "kept it secret". ha! If you are into following "celebrities" that way. Not.
One could definitely argue that the website it very matter of fact and too “straight to the point”, but I think that is the perfect message that is supposed to be relayed to the viewer. Like I mentioned previously, No surprises. Just a good ole' American boy.  What you see is what you get with Brantley and there is no B.S. Grew up as a small town boy, didn't he?  I view it as completely complimentary to his relayed style and who I know him to be as a “fan”. 
When you follow the link to his Tour dates the background changes to a sort of swirled red/yellow that in a way reminds me off fire or heat, which is perfect for the Hell on Wheels tour.
I also know it is very common and just something that artists do, but Brantley as I have already said is a down to earth, people person. He goes and he does concerts for soldiers as they ask for him and he supports them. He does the “City of Hope Softball Game” for children with Cancer……….For example……Him with 11 year old John Cloer here.  

These last two photos taken from the Brantley Gilbert Facebook page:

It's more than just liking him for his music, it is how he presents himself. His website shows it. He isn't in to just trying to be the big shot ...JUST to be the big shot. He is going to be himself.

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