Sunday, October 28, 2012

Everybody Googles

The first document is the Resignation letter of Eleanor Roosevelt for the Daughters of the American Revolution to Mrs. Henry Roberts. For my search I typed: “February 26, 1939, Daughters of the American Revolution Resignation”. The first thing that came up on the search was from the fdrlibrary.  I find this to be a credible source. It gives a short back story…shows the same document and a column that Eleanor wrote, “My Day”.  The next hit I got for this document was for the government archives.  I know this is credible as we discussed .gov’s being completely official and it is an archival site with official documentation. I believe the most credible source for information is the government archives. I believe that is as official as it gets. 

The second image I was at a loss of what it was so for my search I typed in: “jailed background map”.  The very first thing that came up was from the Virginia Memory: Iibraryof Virginia. I believe this is a very credible source first off because it is an official library but the Links it had for reference were to the Library of Congress. This is the most credible source that I found and I think it is very good. Funny, but the second one that came up was to ……….. Kudos! …….. haha!! She’s in our class??!!!! Good job Zombiegirl500….! You did so well it came up for me…. Ha. 

The 3rd document I searched for by: “City of Montgomery 12-1-55 police department document”. The first 3 that came up went to Historical Thinking Matters. It had information talking of the police report …the same information that the document contained including such things as: Warrant #14254. I find it credible and yet I believe the better choice for credibility would be from the  AlabamaDepartment of Archives and History. This is a .gov site in which it gives links to different documentations of the event.  I had to go to the second page to find The National Archives account which is definitely our most credible source. Not only was the document shown but others including Rosa Parks  fingerprinting, and an illustration of the bus and where Rosa sat. 

Inquiring of the 4th document, I first searched: “Roll Call 88th congress February 10 1964”. There were quite a few different things that came up with …okay information but nothing that I wanted to choose as credible. The first that showed up was from .  My second search run I used: “Passed 290 - 130 Roll Call February 10 1964”. I incorporated more of what I thought would be key words and it worked out better this time. The first few hits were more websites. The second being credible as it was Treasures ofCongress. It contained hyperlinks to different photos and documentation corresponding with this given photo.  The second I believe is the most credible as it is the official archive site. 


  1. Oh, man, I didn't think of the fact that students' work would show up as other students searched for the same documents. I may have to rethink this assignment somewhat...!

  2. haha yes, we are lucky I only mentioned it once though! hahaah