Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MQ-Find your Tweeps!!!!!

            For my twitter, I decided to follow Ann Coulter as well as Special Education @Education_IEP.... My junior year of High School I go really involved in government topics, economics and just really researching both sides to any argument and thinking critically to come to my own conclusion. I started to watch/listen to Ann Coulter speak and just really understood her points. I am a huge fan of her books and think she is a brilliant and eloquent woman. 
            She graduated from Cornell University and then went on to obtain a law degree from University of Michigan Law School. Coulter's occupations include:   LawyerU.S. Representative, Radio Personality, Television Personality, and Journalist. She Really knows her stuff, and yes, she is quite the......loud mouth??...probably not the best way to put it.....Many people don't like her because of how straight forward she is.....I love it. She is well studied and yes she is very strong conservative to a point where it is very overwhelming...But I don't have to be as crazy as she is. That is the best part of critical thinking...I can take what I want from it... I decided because of Ann Coulter that I wanted to be a lawyer.....and of course I have changed my sails course....but maybe I will come back to that just from a different path.
          This brings me to the next group that I decided to follow on Twitter. This topic is close to my heart because of the time I have spent with special needs people. It is so wonderful because they are just the purest of people. They really don't havee any bad intentions and are always so compassionate. I learn so much from these great friends.  I decided to follow what I found to be a credible source of information on the topic of Special Education....I tracked through to the main website where they talk about many issues in special education. The goal is to help parents and teachers of Special Needs children. I have decided that I am going to major in Special Education and I am finding that it is increasingly helpful everyday to find different sources such as this to find new ideas or methods of doing things because every child is different and responds in different ways. Also, there are so many different issues that there are it is seemingly impossible to be an expert on all of them and so resources are a lifesaver!  
          The people featured and sharing information are doctors connected to certain specialties. For example....on their page there is a youtube video that is  form the National Parkinson Foundation featuring Michael S. Okun, MD.  
At the bottom of their site it is also super helpful that they have categorized folders of ways they tag things....hashtag...? yeah, That!  
           I finally see one reason why a twitter account is at all cool or something worth my time. With how busy life gets, it's nice to have information you are interested in organized so neatly through this system...and having it on a widget on the side of my blog for quick access right to the important stuff on my twitter......and from there i can just go on.   

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