Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gaming up our Education?

I am torn in two different directions on the topic of Gamifying Education. For me, I have never had a problem with the educational system we use. I stay on top of my assignments and have my own drive -a quest for further knowledge of things that keeps me going. I also believe that I am motivated by the quest to keep my percentage points up. In a way I was a little frustrated with this class knowing that I was starting with zero points and that I have to seriously climb to get to where I want to be. That is a head trip from already being high on a mountain and having to cling to the top for the ride of the semester. In the video there were some ideas expressed that I do believe could be very successful and beneficial. I have seen them used in a regular class setting. A teacher to set a certain criteria for the class to encourage the classmates to participate together, help one another learn the subject information. That is an awesome idea when it works and there are incentives. I do believe that the bar can not be set too high, because if not attainable the students are set back and feel as though there is no point in trying if they won't get anything for what they did accomplish. 
~ Kudos to the Gamifying Education idea for letting students work ahead. It works for the already motivated student to set out their time more efficiently with all of the other things they have going on. ! Win.


  1. I don't like the fact form going 0 to 100 either, it can be intimidating. However, I also like working ahead and staying ahead in the class.

  2. I can understand why you were frustrated with this educational system, but personally, I rather like having to work my way up to a grade rather than being handed a high percentage in the beginning and worrying about what assignments might lower my grade. I feel, for students who rely on being handed a grade in the beginning of a class and just let that grade float them through the course without much effort, educationally; this is a different method of learning which might help them. Either way, it seems you weren’t one of those students and you were already driven. Finally, I also agree that incorporating incentives in the gamification of education is a great idea when it works.