Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Well HELLO!!!!!!! I am working on getting to know how to do this stuff. It's tuff... ;) haha trying to rhyme! Also, I just set up a twitter......? what?!?! Me? yeah, We'll see if I can do this. 
So follow me @Larsengirly ;) I think that's how I'm supposed to tell ya'll. This shall be eventful. Possibly. 


  1. the way you set up your blog is so unique!! you should share a few pointers on how to deck out a blog! Like how to do an about me thing like you have on the side! haha blog about your blog...? haha it would be helpful!

  2. Hey Micah you should follow me on my twitter! @ashdan94 I have like no followers :( oh and I love your blog the colors are great :)